ECG has been training executives to think, speak, and deliver successful messages for over 35 years. We know what it takes to create an exceptional training program, no matter the topic. From agenda creation to venue selection and everything in between, our meeting management experts can accommodate any training purposes.

Communication Strategy

Our strong training background gives us special insight into program set-up, and we understand how aspects of meeting planning as small as the set-up of a room can make a pivotal difference in comfort, comprehension, and retention. Whether the training program is part of a product launch, staff incentive meeting, or communication skills improvement seminar, our skilled event management team will make sure that it runs smoothly.

Complete Consistency

Meetings with the primary goal of training need unique and synergistic planning and execution. Like a good cook in a kitchen, no recipe takes the place of the hands of an experienced chef who knows how to adapt and adjust to variables. The same is true for building, supporting, and hosting a training meeting.

Education happens best when plenary content and affect connect to a mixture of personal study, experience, and reflection that is just right for your learning objectives.

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