Connectivity is a critical, strategic element of any successful meeting, hearing, or event. Today's companies are global and have more time-critical, travel-sensitive, budget-conscious needs than ever before. ECG's audio-visual and IT professionals can manage all your globally connected events.


Webcasting is an ideal way for businesses to share information with a select and geographically scattered audience. Our AV/IT experts can provide the tools necessary to reach your audience with plenty of visual aids to make sure that everyone gets the same message in a crisp, clean, in-the-room feel.

Using state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment or the latest Web-enabled solutions, you can slash your travel costs, accelerate communication, and get immediate feedback with these versatile tools. Webcasts can help companies announce key messages such as mergers or relocations, explain changes in employee benefits, launch new products, offer training programs, and much more.

Video Conferencing

With on-the-spot global interactions needed more frequently, video conferencing has greatly increased in popularity – and for good reason. Well-managed video conferences lower time and travel costs, and allow people to connect from anywhere, anytime. Video conferences are engaging attendees and enabling timely decisions for teams worldwide. Our AV/IT experts can help you plan, set-up, and manage a video conference for your team whether it's a multi-day event or brief interaction between key individuals.

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