Every company event is born with the purpose of communicating a message. Time, effort, and budget are invested to ensure that the message is delivered successfully. When planned and managed productively, the event achieves its objective and creates the ideal opportunity for your company to impress employees as well as existing and potential clients.

Complete Package

When your company truly needs to shine, ECG has the professional expertise and network to present you with a complete and sparkling solution. From message-focused speaker coaching to resourceful meeting coordination, the ECG team molds and plans your event in sync with your project team and event objectives.

Every detail is important and is managed in advance to minimize the unexpected. But we also plan for the unexpected with contingency strategies and by having a team of experts on-site every minute of the event. Our goal is to ensure a flawless outcome.

Detailed Messaging

We excel at seamlessly integrating key messaging throughout every portion of a corporate event; before, during, and even after with what attendees take away. Our expert meeting planners can work with any need, budget, and time frame for any corporate event. We really are that skilled, that creative, and that determined.

We have organized countless company events, with specialties in the following types:

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