The last thing you want to deal with on such a decisive day for your drug, device, or vaccine is a technical issue. Put your fears to ease by having our IT specialists employ our AdComm IT Solution℠ for your team's Advisory Committee Meeting at the FDA's primary White Oak location.

Connectivity is Key

The AdComm IT Solution℠ improves connectivity on-site and remotely for all team members. It provides communication not only between rooms but for those at company locations worldwide who may need to be reached at a moment's notice. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we set up a virtual networked business center for last-minute presentation reviews, printing, and conferencing. This includes ensuring a broader, more reliable and dedicated bandwidth than is normally available in the public building.

We supply secure internet access for your presenting team as well as for attending PR, marketing, and commercial teams. Supported by our security and on-site operations professionals, your team is attentively supported during this most critical time.

Team Coordination

We have managed IT services for a wide range of global biotech and pharmaceutical teams, addressing their needs well in advance and reassuring them through our experience with FDA Advisory Committee meetings that we are an extension of their team, invested in their success and sharing in their efforts.

Ensure that your technology, connectivity, and messages run smoothly with our 24/7 on-site AV/IT support and AdComm IT Solution℠, allowing you to focus on achieving healthcare interaction success.

Please contact us via email or call us at +1-201-894-8200 to discuss your needs or to get further information about our AdComm IT Solution℠.