Creating current excitement and lasting memories for valued clients and employees—attending a hosted hospitality event at a unique sporting occasion such as the Olympic Games, an exclusive Hollywood affair like the Oscars, or similar high-profile event in your industry—maximizes your company's return on investment.

Experience with Prestige

These occasions create a desirable allure and glamor because most will never get the chance to experience them first hand. We have arranged and operated elite hospitality programs at these spectacular events on multiple continents over the last 20 years. We are experts at negotiating with the governing bodies of each as well as obtaining the best rates with your budget in mind.

Full Service & Attention

Should you choose the Olympics as an elite event, for example, we will make sure that your team receives the equitable selection of ticket distribution based on your allotment of tickets for each sport. We will create a visible presence for your organization in the sponsor village and optimize your brand recognition. Excursions both adventures and tourism-based as well as themed events will highlight alternate or additional parts of the program.

From venue selection through post-event material distribution, a dedicated ECG event management specialist will work with you to craft an agenda, atmosphere, and schedule that suits your messaging goals.

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