Investigator Meetings are an absolutely vital part of the clinical process that must be approached with a clear and inclusive strategy. When preparing, you need a team that truly understands vital attendee management, compliance, and communication strategy needs. We make certain that investigators, speakers, and KOLs are properly prepped prior to the meeting, including not only 24/7 travel support, but also in terms of agenda, messaging, and schedule.

On-site or Remote

We support both traditional and virtual Investigator Meetings and can provide the specialized preparation each requires. Our excellent, professional management team plans ahead to ensure proper support for all aspects of your Investigator Meetings, including transportation, venue, and agenda. Our AV/IT specialists use their extensive knowledge and creativity to design and operate the systems you need for reliable and effective communication.

Investigator Participation

Working in coordination with our communication consultants, our meeting management team can create break-out sessions, sub-groups, and/or speaker rehearsal spaces and agendas in addition to organizing the primary event. This all-encompassing approach improves Investigator Meeting efficacy, participation, and retention for attendees and presenters.

Travel & Logistics

From configuring room layouts to organizing travel to arranging presentation preparation space, our meeting experts will prepare your group for a successful Investigator Meeting. Attendees will know travel, speaker, and rehearsal schedules prior to arrival and will receive our attention every minute they are on-site. In addition, we at ECG understand the importance of compliance needs and take them into consideration during every step of the preparation.

Venue Sourcing & Selection

Selecting the right location is an important aspect of an Investigator Meeting. Once geographic areas are established, the ECG logistics team scouts, proposes, negotiates, and contracts the properties and local vendors best suited to the client's needs in accordance with compliance and budget policies. Proposal criteria involve a number of features including destination accessibility, seasonal weather conditions, property service reputation, and infrastructure.

Technical Support

An Investigator Meeting needs to appeal to all the attendees with visual and auditory cues for maximum interaction and exchange of information. The experienced ECG AV/IT team can set up and manage required audio-visual and web technology services for both local and remote attendees to ensure a fulfilling Investigator Meeting experience.

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