Team building can be a powerful tool to bring together or keep a dynamic team united. It can also be counterproductive if not planned and carried out strategically. All team building activities must have and must be seen to have a meaningful purpose.

As communication strategy experts, we understand the power of team dynamics and how they impact company accomplishments. We also understand purpose and how to build upon it.

Cross-Cultural Expertise

At ECG, we particularly excel in bringing together cross-cultural teams by establishing mutual goals and introducing ways members' personal goals mesh with those of the team. By creating a team culture, participants are primed for successful motivation activities, achieve a sense of satisfaction, and ultimately realize a greater level of productivity.

Inevitably, a controlled team building activity with clearly defined messaging leads to increased cooperation, collaboration, and overall performance. Shared experiences provide greater glue than words, and the real experience of interdependency provides stronger commitment than pledges of cooperation.

The Right Task for the Right Team

We offer a variety of unique activities, specifically tailored to your group's wants and needs, to leverage strengths, cultivate confidence, and unite the team. Task accomplishments are constructed in a way that allows for incremental and recognizable success for each team member as a productive member of the whole.

From unique scavenger hunts, targeted challenges, survival and trust programs, and morale-boosting entertainment to special meals and mixers and internal networking events, our experienced meeting management team will design for an event that ties back to your corporate values, expectations, and environment.

Your team will leave the event with deeper connections to each other, to the company, and to team goals.

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