Research shows that offering an incentive program to your top performers — be it employee, client, or vendor — is the best form of motivation and encouragement. At ECG, we specialize in the mechanics of achieving optimal performance.

Be Memorable

Travel incentives are experiential and differ from incentives such as cash rewards. Related to achievement only momentarily, cash rewards often become part of the achiever's everyday life, disconnected from the incentive itself. Travel rewards, however, drive behavior change because they are appealing and have a higher perceived reward value than money alone. Successful travel incentives establish status recognition, become milestones in achievers' careers, and create memories for a lifetime.

To secure that status recognition, to enable those memories and milestones, ECG seeks and develops novel themes and destinations for your incentive events. Whether your group comprises financial planners, insurance agents, sports teams, wholesalers, or high-level sales associates, our professional planners will capture nuance and detail of awardee characteristics and your business purposes to design a program that truly drives subsequent performance.

Right on Target

Our multilingual event experts have organized events on six continents, from small group dinners to week-long events for over 1,500 attendees. From start to finish, our event management team will ensure that all attendees receive special attention; our extensive network of hotels, restaurants, and unique activities will ensure lasting memories.

Whether your group is looking for a wine tour through Italy, a photo safari in South Africa, exclusive access to a Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, or create a unique rural event particular to your company's eco-friendly mission, ECG has an exceptional partnership with vendors and suppliers to fit every budget and every need.

Incentive Travel Services

Confidence & Reputation

Your professional reputation is on the line and we take that very seriously. With our meeting management team's 100+ collective years of experience choosing and implementing incentive events, you can be confident we'll choose the absolute best in every aspect of the event planning. This consistency means not only fantastic destinations, vendors, and activities, but an absolutely complete schedule that eliminates unintended breaks in the overall experience

We offer a variety of specialty incentive events, such as:

Make your next incentive event one that awardees will remember for all the right reasons.

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