Establishing an agenda, selecting content, and successfully communicating the intended message at a sales meeting are extensive, stressful, and complicated preparation processes. Today's sales meetings involve a wide spectrum of strategies that require attentive preparation and extemporaneous delivery skills to come across as sincere with your audience.

A salesperson is only as good as his or her training. From the way a sales force learns critical information to the level of rehearsal put into their presentations, the difference between good and great sales teams is linked to the quality of the sales training.

Communication Core

At ECG, we not only excel at managing messages and improving productivity, efficacy, and delivery but at crafting meetings that communicate these elements seamlessly. ECG has 35+ years of expertise in honing the communication skills of speakers or trainers.

Creating an appropriate communication strategy is essential to a controlled environment and productive outcome, and our Principals excel at just that. And because sales is a communications-driven profession, our ECG communication experts are often brought in to collaborate on training courses conducted during the meeting, organizing activities to improve communication skills, or even acting as on-stage hosts or emcees.

Memorable Messaging

Sales meetings not only have to prepare your team but inspire and excite its members. Our meeting management team has a host of techniques, external vendors, and multimedia capabilities to ensure that the sales message is clear and memorable.

From innovative feedback at program inception, leveraging our network of properties to source suitable regional and international locations, to contracting with reputable vendors and creating an adaptive logistics infrastructure while managing assigned budget and financial commitments, we will free your team to do what it does best.

Your focus is to ensure that sales team members recognize the company's vested interest in them and what they do; ECG ensures that you impart that message flawlessly with seamless event logistics.

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