Preparing for critical meetings is what we do at ECG.

Whether the event is held internally or off-site, for a small senior group or a large audience of public stockholders, our meeting management team will help you maximize your time and budget while meeting key objectives. Ask us about the time a client chose a venue and we brought in our own chairs for the Board of Director's meeting because we knew the hotel did not have any chairs available that would be comfortable for 8+ hours a day for multiple days - no detail is too small to make sure your key people have the chance to give you their best effort.

Scheduling & Agendas

Whatever their purpose, meetings can be more successful with the support of a well-developed agenda and logistics plan. ECG's unique blend of accomplished event managers and communication strategy consultants will maximize positive outcomes.

We will help you create appropriate benchmarks for success, including clear and concise issues or statements and how to address them best. In keeping with event objectives and company policies, our meeting planners coordinate travel, accommodations, meals, and logistics services that fit with your time-sensitive agendas, technology requirements, and other concerns or goals.

Strengthen Your Position

Executive meetings, although traditionally small in attendance and typically limited to a one- or two-day agenda, are a critical reflection of the company and should not be undervalued. They offer an opportunity to promulgate the company's standing on key issues/messages.

Our expert event managers can assist you in all facets of effective and efficient meetings. With support from our experienced meeting managers, all of your important events have the potential to run without a hitch, saving time and money for both you and your clients.

When failure is not an option, choose ECG.

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