Proactively engaged from the start to ensure the success of your event, we work closely with your team to select the location and services best suited to your needs and budget. All meticulously planned services for your event are managed and fulfilled by only the very best in the industry.

Event Planning

Our professionals work closely with your team from program inception and planning stages to develop the event theme, evaluate activities, design functions, and fulfill production requirements. With an extraordinary database of previously vetted vendors, we can design the perfect solutions to suit your needs.

Site / Vendor Selection, Negotiation, & Contracting

The venue selection process involves in-depth destination research and knowledge of location and properties. We have both. In addition, we consider group characteristics, meeting purpose, and desired outcome as we construct your list of options. With years of global contracting experience, our team leverages long-standing industry relationships to negotiate the best possible hotel, transportation, and overall vendor pricing for your event.

Travel Services & Transportation Management

We provide domestic and international flights and rail travel services for attendees with 24/7 support and personal service to manage unforeseen circumstances such as weather or other travel interruptions. Our multilingual meet-and-greet coordinators oversee the successful fulfillment of your transportation services, ensuring punctuality and offering the very best customer service.

With budget, travel distance, and group size in mind, our event specialists plan for your group's transportation needs from limos to buses, destination cruises to ferry travel, from unique vintage vehicles to historical trolleys. We can customize vehicle branding and signage to include your company logo and program theme.

Hospitality & Security Staff

Our team of seasoned local and international experts fulfill all planned event logistics and professionally tend to on-site changes and service additions, finding answers and designing solutions to cater to team and client needs quickly and efficiently. Our staff is multi-talented, so our presence stays small and discreet while still providing absolute quality service.

The ECG Security PIPE℠ (Personal, Intellectual Property, and Electronics) system provides attendee safety as well as intellectual property, electronic, and IT infrastructure precautions and protection. Our security system is scalable and discreet to perfectly match your event's needs.

Please contact us via email or call us at +1-800-874-8278 (US) or +1-201-894-8200 (International) to discuss your needs or to get further information about our hotel and ground services.