ECG’s coaching and healthcare experts work together with our core events team – ensuring consistent communication strategy for any meeting, incentive, convention, or event.

Every meeting is a communications moment of truth. Frank helps ECG clients take maximum advantage of that moment with sage advice, strategic communications counsel and successful coaching. Under his guidance, effective implementation is why our business is dominated by repeat clients. Full Bio

Betty is in charge of all items relating to finances. You may also interact with her for any information relating to E.C.G., Inc. Betty has been an integral part of ECG since its inception. Full Bio

For over 24 years Steven has gotten results for meetings and events from the perspective of effective communication and visual engagement. He combines content development with delivery coaching plus a rich knowledge of banquet service and hospitality, ensuring that events succeed at the highest standard. Full Bio

Successful events often depend on presenting speakers that engage and energize the audience. Michael has worked with speakers across the world to prepare and deliver exciting presentations. Full Bio

Lynne has nearly 20 years of experience managing large-scale corporate events and international exhibitions. Now she provides presentation skills training, strategy and content development coaching and support for events and speakers. She also works with healthcare professionals and corporate clients to advance their communication skills. Full Bio

Every event has a theatrical aspect. Richard Barr uses his background as a theater director to help presenters analyze their audiences, the best way to engage that audience, and the skills needed to deliver a strategic and exciting event. Full Bio

Anne’s work with ECG’s pharmaceutical and healthcare clients is interconnected with our events team. In her role, Anne assists with high-level strategic and logistics planning for mock meetings and Advisory Committee meetings. Full Bio

Teresa ensures that clients’ needs for meeting planning and logistical support during Advisory Committee meeting preparations are fulfilled. She acts as a liaison between ECG’s pharmaceutical and healthcare clients and ECG’s events team. Full Bio

Denise has worked between our corporate and pharmaceutical clients over the past twenty years. She has been an instrumental part of aiding our clients with their administrative needs. Full Bio

Kate manages ECG’s web presence, and can help enhance materials, signage, and more for your next event. Full Bio